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Child safeguarding practice reviews (CSPRs)


The purpose of reviews of serious child safeguarding cases, at both local and national level, is to identify improvements to be made to safeguard and promote the welfare of children. Reviews should seek to prevent or reduce the risk of recurrence of similar incidents. They are not conducted to hold individuals, organisations or agencies to account, as there are other processes for that purpose, including through employment law and disciplinary procedures, professional regulation and, in exceptional cases, criminal proceedings.

When are they carried out?

Child Safeguarding Practice Reviews are carried out when a child dies (including suicide), and abuse or neglect is known or suspected to be a factor in the death.

They can also be carried out when:

  • a child sustains a potentially life-threatening injury or serious and permanent impairment of physical and/or mental health and development through abuse or neglect
  • a child has been seriously harmed as a result of being subjected to sexual abuse
  • a parent has been murdered and a domestic homicide review is being initiated under the Domestic Violence Act 2004 
  • a child has been seriously harmed following a violent assault perpetrated by another child or adult
  • the case gives rise to concerns about inter-agency working to protect children from harm

Referral Process

Any organisation with statutory or official duties in relation to children (including the Child Death Overview Panel (CDOP) and all members of Warrington Safeguarding Partnership) should inform the Safeguarding Partnership Team of any incident which they think should be considered for a review using the Referral form as soon as they are aware of the incident.

Where the local authority makes a formal notification to the National Panel or Ofsted, it must always share this with Warrington Safeguarding Partnership, and this will also be considered as a referral.

Referral Form

All referrals should be submitted, along with relevant correspondence to safeguardingpartnerships@warrington.gov.uk.

It should be noted that when referrals are completed by agencies, that full information requested in the form is required for Warrington Safeguarding Partnership to accept the referral.  Incomplete forms will be returned to the referrer.

CSPR Framework

The CSPR Framework should be read by local safeguarding partners, and all agencies involved in the Warrington Safeguarding Partnership (WSP) arrangements.  The guidance is particularly aimed at those involved in Rapid Reviews, or those contributing to Local Child Safeguarding Practice Reviews in Warrington, including Independent Lead Reviewers, review team members, those providing information reports on behalf of their organisation as well as those responsible for quality assuring and embedding the learning from the review process.

CSPR Framework

Further information can also be accessed in our local policies and procedures

For information on local and national published reviews click here.