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Whistle blowing

What is whistleblowing?

Whistleblowing is when someone raises a concern about a dangerous or illegal activity or any wrongdoing within their organisation.

Raising a concern is known as "blowing the whistle" and is a vital process for identifying risks to people's safety. (NSPCC)

All agencies will have a policy for confidential reporting or whistleblowing of any behaviour towards children or young people which is abusive, inappropriate or unprofessional. This includes:

  • Conduct which is a breach of the law;
  • Conduct which compromises health and safety;
  • Conduct which falls below established standards of practice with children and young people.

All practitioners should have the confidence to come forward with any concerns they may have and should be supported to do so.

Resources and Support

The NSPCC have a Whistleblowing Advice Line which offers free advice and support to professionals with concerns about how child protection issues are being handled in their own or another organisation. NSPCC Whistleblowing Advice Line

HM Gov also offer advice at Whistleblowing for employees: What is a whistleblower - GOV.UK (www.gov.uk)

Warrington Safeguarding Partnerships policies and procedures section also includes information on Whistle blowing