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Escalation and professional challenge

When working with practitioners from other agencies there will at times be differences of opinion or concerns about professional practice in relation to a child, young person or family.

Throughout our work the safety and wellbeing of the child or young person is the primary concern and professional disagreements must not obstruct this.

If you feel that a practitioner or an agency is not acting in the best interests of the child, young person or family, you have a responsibility to respectfully challenge the practitioner or agency, and escalate that concern if resolution is not achieved.

All agencies are responsible for ensuring that their staff are supported and know how to appropriately escalate and resolve intra-agency and inter-agency concerns and challenges about a child or young person’s wellbeing and the response to their safeguarding needs.

Record your challenges at every level!!

Escalation & Professional challenge

Procedure for Multi-Agency Professional Challenge and Professional Challenge